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After sleeping through thousands of years, Goodzilla awakes - just to find itself in the middle of a city.

Goodzilla is big, ugly and VERY strong. But it's not evil.
Still, all the cute human building seems to fall to pieces when it touches them.
Maybe Goodzilla IS a bit clumsy...

Quick, collect some flowers and plant them in the city, in order to apologize to the humans! But avoid destroying even more buildings!



WASD to move, Mouse to turn.
Space to apologize if Excuse-o-meter is full enough.
Space to plant collected flowers in the small parks.

Control Disclaimer:

Goodzilla is very clumsy and just awoke, so it can't control its own movement very well. This is intended. We even implemented some swaying, so you keep on hitting stuff. By accident, of course. ;)

Hint: Flowers are the yellow spots on the minimap, parks are the green spots on the minimap

Install instructions

Web, Windows 7, Linux and Mac are supported. The PostCompo files were uploaded with some bug fixes one hour after Ludum Dare 33 ended.

Some more fixes, balancing and mostly visual additions can be found in the latest versions.

Windows and Mac:

Just Download, unzip and run goodzilla.exe!


Just Download, unzip and open in Browser!

Linux (tested in Debian):

You might have to install some libraries before you can run the game. Try

sudo apt-get install libxcursor1:i386 libxrandr2:i386

If the game won't run, run it from a terminal


and see in the output which libraries are missing.


Goodzilla_Win.zip 28 MB
Goodzilla Web 15 MB
Goodzilla Mac PostCompo 33 MB
Goodzilla Linux latest 42 MB
Goodzilla Win32 latest 32 MB
Goodzilla Win64 latest 33 MB
Goodzilla Web latest 17 MB